soap bar


His Smooth Majesty lip balm by Greenwash.

Collection of three delicious fragrances for the most kissable lips.

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Yay! Is it going to be an incredible control-blowing experience almost like getting drunk?
Ummmm, pretty much…there will be bubbles…minus hangover.
All your questions related to our supper-hero-badass bar of soap.

lip balm


bath salt


You enter the bathroom in the nude...

and the tap gets turned on.
Your lover is already waiting for you to spend the night together…

your wet staying-in night.

How to achieve the most deliberate salty-baby tryst…in your own bathroom.
Luxury you won't be able (and shouldn't even try) to resist.


Poppet, you will get it faster than you can say
'Blueberry pancakes!'.
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“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

– Oscar Wilde
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Ok, babe, this section is gonna be damn serious (read boring) because

I've got my ‘Damn serious’ hat on! Here you go.

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