Piece of FKN soap by Greenwash
Piece of FKN soap by Greenwash
Piece of FKN soap by Greenwash
Piece of FKN soap by Greenwash
Real Australians Say Welcome soap
Real Australians Say Welcome soap
LEMON AID soap bar by Greenwash

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We hunt for the best ingredients - beneficial plant and earth based like cold-pressed oils and butters, clay, fruits, veggies, plants, natural salts, and spice…we use the real things focusing on those that are unrefined and unchanged from their natural form. We love local,
organic and fair trade.

we share

Believe that all of us should be kind to every kind?

Wanna do it better, babes?

We share our profits on behalf of your

good-looking face.

Every purchase of

Greenwash skin care

makes a difference.

clean up trade


Positive or negative, most off the power in the world is in our wallets.
So every time you spend money, you are voting for the kind of world you want.


Everyone’s heard the expression whitewash — it’s defined as 'a coordinated attempt to hide unpleasant facts, especially in a political context'

Greenwash is the same thing, but in an environmental context...

It’s a bad-boy name but we borrowed it for our quirky company because we want to show you exactly what

greenwashing COULD be like...

we believe

There's only one
G-hot ingredient
that's vital to all

organic fair trade skin care & natural soap

The GREENWASH ethos.
A tincture of it is added to each of our creations.
This box is a tribute to our powerful and deeply loved
big G-brother…Google.
For a better chance for our site to appear at the top of your Google search, key words of who we are will appear through the text of our home page…over, and over, and over. It makes us look like self-absorbed, narcissistic weirdos who talk about ourselves non-stop.
We didn’t want to spam you with all that so instead we simply chucked it in one compact section at the end of our home page.

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