Jojoba oil

Anti-inflammatory: The oil is rich in lovely phytosterols and myristic acid, which help to calm an inflamed skin.

Dry feel oil: jojoba contains some lovely polyphenols - about 3% tannins - which accounts for the dry feeling of jojoba oil when used neat.

Non Comedogenic: It is low on the comedogenic scale, so it won’t clog pore.

Penetrating: Jojoba oil sinks quickly into the skin in an interesting way - it penetrates through hair follicles - but it does not block those follicles.

This is one of the reasons it is said jojoba allows our skin to "breathe" - it isn't occlusive, and mixes with the sebum (the skins natural lubricating medium). Because of this feature, jojoba can help with scalp problems - it can penetrate the hair follicles and loosen oils, which can be washed away.

Protecting: The oil mixes with our own sebum  to create a breathable, protective film on the surface of the skin.