Who is your lover and why?



Humor: Blood
Element: Air
Season: Spring
Age: Adolescence
Qualities: Hot & Wet
Organ: Heart
Planet: Jupiter
Modern personality type: Artisan  or ESFP in Myer-Briggs

Sociable, charismatic and stimulation seeking, the Sanguine babe is heavily people-orientated and infectiously optimistic about life.  These are the ‘happy go lucky’, foxes we often have the pleasure of meeting in our lives. What you see is what you get, and games are simply out of the question (well, sex games are in).
Can you find more enthusiastic lover than that?

Natural thrill-seekers,

spontaneous sex, and adventurous fantasies turn them on. Beep-beep! Did you say car sex?
The Don Juan (or Juanita).
S/he is flirty, charming, affectionate and intellectually interesting. Sex is just their idea of a good time. No talks about politics or your odious boss. They are fun and a great joy to be around. Cuddles that will simply make you feel happy and warm.

sanguine bath salt/soak


In the Bistro, c. 1930–32

by Brassaï

When & why

Word Sanguine comes from the Latin word sanguis, which means "blood”. It is considered to be the most balanced state we should aim to get to. To be ‘good blooded’ is an ultimate wellbeing - to be alive, healthy and active.

As an adjective (of someone or someone's character) sanguine defined as an optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

It’s a place of joy and pleasure like the good life is. Blood is life. Only live things have blood and thus active (chicken and dog vs stone and plant).
Sanguine properties are hot and wet. Life is hot and wet by nature. Death is cold and dry. When the person die, the final state he finds himself in is when his heat left his body and eventually moisture leaves too. Sanguine’s corresponding element is air. Breath. Air goes to lungs and to blood that give life to body. To breath is to be alive. Think of how in nature rainforest that cover only 6 % of the Earth's surface, is a hot and wet environment that gives life to more than half of the world’s plant and animal species, and considered to be the lungs of our planet, producing oxygen so vital for all living things.

This bath generally possess warm qualities so go with it when you feel emotionally cold and withdrawn; its essential oil combination with Siberian fir needle, clary sage and pink grapefruit amongst others was blended to elevate your senses and cheer you up.

  • rejuvenating and refreshing

  • promotes relaxation and wellbeing

  • clary sage is traditionally known as a euphoric-tonic-sedative and can be useful in soothing nervous depression and  strengthening ‘weakness of spirit’

  • calendula has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and soften the skin

Sanguine bath salt/soak


calendula petals, French yellow clay, Siberian fir and clary sage



Humor: Yellow Bile
Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Age: Youth
Qualities: Hot & Dry

Organ: Gall Bladder
Planet: Mars
Modern personality type: Idealist or ENTJ in Myer-Briggs

You stutter when trying to speak to her/him. You don’t want her/him to be an asshole, but you don’t mind if s/he’s a bit of a dick.
Choleric is  aggressive and impulsive with incredible stamina and red-hot passion will take you in the heat of the moment.

Everything they lust is urgent, and their sexual encounters are spontaneous and action-packed.

Choleric’s  demanding and determined tendencies in the bedroom, will really make you come out of your shell. Those babes don’t take instructions, they issue commands. They call the shots, and you take the hits.
The idea of surrendering your body like you’re a country and he’s an invading army will drive you mad with desire.
An animalistic and primal positions that lets you lose self-control because sometimes, what you crave is just carnal release—no eye contact required.
There’s just something tremendously satisfying about a lover who knows not only what s/he wants, but delights in going after it.
And darling, you better take it easy afterwards as you will feel weak on your knees, yet purified and brand new.

Choleric bath salt/soak


Pierre Feuillette (Jean-Michel) et Paulette Vielhomme (Claudine)

s’embrassant au café Chez Moineau, Rue du Four, Paris, 1953,

by Ed van der Elsken, Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam.

When & why

Choleric is a heating bath

(must be taken as hot as you can handle); with hot and dry properties in Four Humors matrix.
In Greek system of energetics hot substances purify so that impurities driven away (this how we might think of fever).
Choose Choleric especially at times you’ve been exposed to cold weather and as a result experiencing first early simptoms of cold. You need to balance the cold with bringing some heat.
Choleric is also perfect for recovery after a killer work out or hard physical labor when it requires from the muscles to rid itself of byproducts released during the performance. This bath does just that - helping to increase circulation, oxygenation, detoxification and purification.

  • warms the body; mustard was used to relieve clogged sinuses during cold

  • stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores and helping the body rid itself of toxins

  • by drawing the blood to the skin surface, mustard relieves headache, achy feet and muscle cramps; incredible if you’re feeling sore

  • uplifting and restorative

Choleric bath salt/soak


black mustard, myrrh & frankincense gum and cedarwood



Humor: Phlegm
Element: Water
Season: Autumn
Age: Adulthood
Qualities: Cold & Wet
Organ: Brain
Planet: Moon
Modern personality type: Rational or INFP in Myer-Briggs

One might say they are the meek and submissive, the trustworthy “nice guys” and “good girls” of the world. But actually ‘consistent’ is the right word because they are just loving quite, loyal lovers, relaxed and stable.
Phlegmatic who’s looking for interpersonal harmony and close relationship, is highly emotional, which means that sex is not merely a mechanical physical undertaking. Don’t be surprised if they aren't into casual flings or animalistic sex; rather it is expected to be a poetic act of beauty and love. If you’re going to get naked with a Phlegmatic, prepare yourself for an intense ride. And perhaps some post-coital crying.
Intuitive and nurturing, receptive and governed by their emotions they are a walking vortex of dreamy nostalgia and repressed feels.
S/he likes to make you feel safe and needed because this is what they crave. And once when comfortable and secure, Phlegmatic is deeply erotic. They will completely give themselves to their partner in the bedroom.
Phlegmatic is the most kind and available lover. A true love maker. And their approach to lovemaking is creative and sensual, as well as passionate and lustful.


Phlegmatic bath salt/soak


Kurt Markus for Vogue Hommes, Paris, France, 1991

When & why

In Chinese medicine and Greek system of energetics foods and/or plants with cold properties intended to bind parts compatible or incompatible. Thus when cold is lost the different parts of the body and spirit start to ‘go their separate ways’. You feel restless, overthink a lot and just simply unable to switch off your racing mind.

Phlegmatic is not only cooling but mildly sedative bath - valerian & hops combination been used as a herbal medicine to treat sleep problems as well as anxiety, irritability, excitability, and restlessness.

A perfect sleepy bath for bed time ritual. Go with Phlegmatic at the end of a hectic day as it will help you to calm during turbulent times.

  • mildly sedative; may induce and improve sleep

  • lavender warms the heart and steadies the emotions; promotes a comfortable, calm state in which to prepare for sleep

  • aids relaxation and eases feelings of stress and tension

  • assists in the relief of physical and nervous fatigue


Phlegmatic bath salt/soak


Tasmanian pepper berries, lavender, hops and valerian



Humor: Black Bile
Element: Earth
Season: Winter
Age: Old Age
Qualities: Cold & Dry
Organ: Spleen
Planet: Saturn
Modern personality type: Guardian  or ISTJ in Myer-Briggs

Melancholic resemble the sexual tendencies of that of an old classic Hollywood film. Before getting to the bedroom, they might turn on some music and open a bottle of fine wine. Additional elements like intriguing scents, soft fabrics, and mood lighting are all set the stage and draw them closer to you. Sensual, earthy, and elegant Melancholic wants physical pleasures of all kinds—being held, stroked, and massaged. In other words they love every inch of their body being pampered. The pleasure is

in the journey, not just the destination. Addiction to these hedonistic trends makes it especially difficult for Melancholic to abstain from sex, finding regular ‘dose’ is particularly important.

Lover like Melancholic is gentle and has an air of sensuality around him/her, but once they start, it easily can turn into an all-nighter. The endurance of a Melancholic is pretty mind blowing and steady too.
Melancholic is truly right there with you, absorbing every second of the shared pleasure that spilled all over your trembling with excitement body, and is very intrigued by the prospect of a simultaneous orgasm.
Their style is natural and physical, and intellectualising the sex act would only serve to buff them.


Les amoureux aux poireaux (Lovers with leeks)

by Robert Doisneau, 1950

When & why

Melancholic is a cooling bath; with cold and dry properties in Four Humors matrix.
Choose Melancholic to settle your spirit and nerves. Best for times when you feel like your energy seems to be rising out of control. Think how anger and frustration feel inside of you. It boils.  Steam of those emotions rising out of your body, leaving you depleted. Cooling properties of this bath will balance your heated head and stormy heart. Grounding.
Also choose Melancholic when you want to feel sexy! Sultry and tempting ylang-ylang entwined with sensuous rose. Do we need say more?

  • soothing; ylang-ylang can help to inhibit feelings of anger and frustration

  • deeply hydrating; rose petals leave skin smooth and silky

  • balancing; geranium helps to centre the body and spirit

  • aphrodisiac

Melancholic bath salt/soak


rose petals, French pink clay, ylang-ylang and geranium