• Vika

10 minutes grounding clarity PRACTICE


Disruption to the routine can be ungrounding and occasionally you may find yourself restless, scattered and feeling that you stumble aimlessly.

A three simple steps to ground yourself back to centre.

strapped pebble by Hermès

ONE //

Have a glass of water.

Maybe warm.

Maybe lemon.

But for sure very intentional. Notice every detail of this simple act.

TWO //

Sit down somewhere quiet and take 5 to 10 deep, slow breaths. Notice how shallow you were breathing before. Full exhalations.


Reach for a writing instrument of your choice. Take some of the mambo-jumbo disarray out of your head and onto the piece of paper.

A few prompts to help you.

I. What is the most important to me? The big picture.

II. What is my priority currently? What I try to achive? What is my intention?

III. What do I need right now? A nap? A hug? A body movement? A funny scribble and I love you note from self to myrself?

IV. What prompt me to deviate from the important?

V. Do you have a practice to do a U-turn and come back to self & most important? Can you adopt/invent one?

VI. How can I mitigate my distractions?