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  • by Helena Shipway

Conversation: Helena Shipway of HIGH HORSE PLAY

Helena Shipway - mother, designer & maker, founder of High Horse Play
Helena Shipway - mother, designer & maker, founder of High Horse Play


1. Your biggest rock bottom/crying on a floor time in your life.

Not my story to tell in this context… but nothing terribly unusual. Heart break, illness, poverty, regret, failure! Fear of more of the above… Memories of the above…

2. Today what would you tell to yourself at your lowest point?

That one day you’ll be wishing for the problems of now. Maybe tomorrow. In the end we have to lose everyone we love, all our health, money, friends, everything we love. Maybe gradually, maybe all at once. Bad things don’t only happen to people on the news. Everything will get much worse, but it makes today sweeter. It’s really good news! What a relief!

3. The most healing tool/practice you found

Meditating frankly and briefly on above. Anything to bring awareness back to the body- movement, laughter, weeding and woodchopping.

4. The most humbling moment you have ever experienced.

Oh my goodness, fresh humbling going on every day. Being alive is a constantly embarrassing show of amateurism and improvisation! Writing this is very humbling.

5. When was the moment you felt adequate and told yourself ‘You know what? I’m actually good at what I do!’ ?

Everyday. Nothing is on fire, and nothing I have to do is that hard, millions of people have managed it before. At the moment it seems like women like to express self-doubt or self-congratulation. I’m aiming for useful, but settle for adequate, which is very attainable! Helps that I’m not trying to implement a complex or unpopular plan, and everything I’m called on to do is within the realm of my limited ability. So boring.

6. The limiting belief you still working on today.

I suppose I think habits are the expression of our beliefs… I’m not sure I can actively tinker with my own beliefs/biases but try to cultivate habits which express curiosity, respectfulness… trying to resist intuitive decision making and attend to daily modifications towards health, work, respect for others. More humbling.

7. If you would have a billboard with a millions of viewers what would you say on it (slogan, quote, expression- not a commercial agenda)?

Follow your dreams. Hahaha just kidding! Lower your expectations.

8. What book/resource of information have you gifted/guided people the most (any field of life/industry).

Books by Yuval Noah Harari, Daniel Kahneman, and genius poetic psychoanalyst Adam Philips.

The video ‘Too young’ by Phoenix.

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