• Vika

Moving our emotions PRACTICE

Ironically my exploration of energy subject this Aries season presented itself with the perfect field of practice.

As for many of us, current fluctuations in emotions has its backdrop of vested interest, mine was, as rapid unfolding of the COVID-19 events occurred, that my family members got locked down in Spain and France, clearly unable to return home or come back to Australia.

Following practice was tremendously helpful in navigating energetics of my emotional state.

drawing by Masha

1. Don’t mentally engage in the investigation of what is the nature and origin of your current emotion, or how you possibly could ‘help’ it.

2. Understand that mental grasp has only one interest regarding that emotion. Block. Discharge. And the path you rational mind will find to actualise itself in dealing with the emotion is through distraction or escapism. Trying to deconstruct and explain emotion is a form of distraction from that emotion itself.

3. If you consciously caught yourself in an emotional state of downward spiral, know that you already done half of the hard work. You’re aware.

4. Close your eyes. As difficult and unattainable as it may present itself, your need to make room for your emotion to transit freely. Let your imagination to assist you.

5. Envision your emotion as an enormous energy force rushing next / in front of you. Your bodily sensations will draw you the exact picture how that emotion looks like. Emotion might present itself as an earth or snow avalanche, fast stream, light / magnetic beam, high speed train. Go with the imagery your body gives you.

6. You’re looking at that energy forcefully charging by your side...all you need to do is lean away. Stay.

7. It might even help to adjust your posture to lean away from the imaginary force. I quite often find myself leaning backwards as my emotion usually present itself as a racing in front of me force, and I consciously breathe watching it storms.

8. Your emotion is not here to ‘get you’. You’re not its victim - ‘Oh, no! I will feel all of anger/frustration/anxiety/fear again.’. It is here just as an energy. Let it run its course. Don’t step in front of it. Because it will rapidly drag you down, and you will feel / think that you are your emotion.

9. It won’t take long until you start experience decrease in intensity of the emotion. It’s moving. It’s passing through you.