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On duality + right brain thinking PRACTICE

Yin and yang, right and left brain, the limbic system and the cerebrum, intuition and logic, conscious and subconscious, doing and being...

The ‘right’ flip between the two is always in demand.

The ability to flip between the two is a skill. And as such can be practiced.

The willingness to flip between the two is a state of a complete surrender to your own duality.

Mutable energy of New Moon in Pisces (+ Pisces season) is adaptive energy - 23 February'20, 15:32 GMT+11 Canberra / Melbourne / Sydney / Hobart @ 4° Pisces.

An invitation to refine, improve and adjust. This season is an ideal time to connect with your inner guidance system to acknowledge what is ready for adjustment.


For decades researchers were making Bavarian pretzels out of their brains analysing and putting together what we now call brain dominance theory. The conclusions basically highlight that each hemisphere of the brain - left and right - is liable for different functions and leads different paths to process different kinds of information.

Admittedly this description is oversimplified but essentially, the left hemisphere is the more logical / verbal one and the right hemisphere the more intuitive / creative one.

Although people use both sides of the brain, only one side has tendency to dominate in each individual. The benefit of cultivation of both sides of the brain is a no-brainer.

We sense the situation called for and then use the appropriate tool to deal with it. But almost nobody does that. We prefer to stay in the ‘comfort zone’ of our dominant hemisphere and deal with every situation accordingly to either a right or left brain preferences.

In the words of Abraham Maslow, ‘He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.’

We live in a primarily left brain-dominant world, where creative, intuitive, sensual, artistic aspect of our nature is often subordinated to facts, words, logic and if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist type of applications.

The point? We’re capable of performing many different kinds of thought processes and we barely tap our potential! As we become aware of its different capacities, we can consciously use our minds to fulfil particular need in a effective way.

By design you’re both, by default you use one.


Using the brain dominance theory as a model, we become aware that our right brain allows us to visualise, to synthesise, to transcend time and present circumstances, to gauge a holistic picture of what we want to do and to be in life.

Sometimes shock to the everyday regularity of life can become that open-handed force to knock us out of our left brain thought pattern and into the unbound vistas of the right side matrix.

The death of a loved one, a grave illness, a financial loss, or any utmost adversity always make us stand back, look at our lives, and ask ‘ What the hell am I doing and why? What’s really important?’.

While this path of getting in touch with your right side thinking is extreme and distressing at huge, it can be cosmically arranged. Here are more pleasant ways.

Ring for two by Otto Künzli, 1980


There’re number of techniques using your imagination that surface the most important in life by placing a sudden perspective.

Visualise your own funeral...3 years from now. All in details. The location, the flowers, the music, the faces of your loved ones/friends who will come to express love and gratitude for your life.

There will be four speakers at the final celebration of you.

The first is from your family.

The second is one of your friends, someone who can show the sense of what you were as a person.

Third is from your work/profession. Fourth from your community where you’ve been involved in service or just hang out without particular agenda, just for the sheer pleasure of hanging out.

Now dive deeply.

What would you like each of these speakers to say about you and your life? What character would you like them to have seen in you? What contributions, events, deeds would you want them to remember? Look carefully at all the people there. What difference would you want to have made in their lives?

Take a moment to jot down your discoveries. It will greatly increase your understanding of what you really want to be and to do. When people seriously undertake to identify these, they become very reverent. They start to think in larger terms that of today and tomorrow.


While practice using the right brain thinking outlined above might help us gain overarching view of our core important things we value, it’s a different game to apply findings in real life. It’s an ongoing process of keeping your values before you and aligning your life with those most important things.

Here is a practice for engaging your right brain pattern of thinking on daily basis.


Let’s say I’m a partner who deeply loves and appreciates my beloved one.

Let’s say I identify that as one of my fundamental values.

But let’s say, on daily basis, I suck at delivering that love and appreciation because I overreact especially when we disagree.

I can use my right brain power of visualisation to write an ‘affirmation’ that will help me to achieve alignment between my values and my daily life.

A good affirmation has five basic elements:

  • it’s personal

  • it’s positive

  • it’s present tense

  • it’s visual

  • it’s emotional

So I might write down something like:

‘It is deeply fulfilling (emotional) that I (personal) respond (present tense) in a nonjudgmental and attentive way with self-awareness and patience (positive) when I feel triggered in a disagreement.

The conch shell trick by Nina Leen, 1949

Then I can visualise it. I can spend a few minutes each day and entirely relax my mind and body. I can think about situations in which I feel triggered in rich details. The clearly and vividly I can imagine the detail, the more deeply I’ll experience it, the less I’ll see it as a spectator. But instead of seeing my regular response, I can see myself acting with love, compassion and self-guidance.

Effectively I’m re-writing my own script in harmony with my values. And if I practice this, day after day my behaviour will change.

If you’re not convinced think of all the world-class athletes and other peak performers; most of them are visualisers. They see it; they feel it; they experience it before they actually do it.


It’s the dance between the two polarities that creates harmony.

Regardless of your gender yin and yang or feminine and masculine energies flow through you.

Check in with yourself. Your behaviour and communication (including nonverbal). How can you shift your energy to contribute to harmony of you as a whole?

In which way you’ve been ever asked to exclude your duality?

In which way exclusion became your shadow?

In which way refusal became your authentic code?

I won’t be able to count how many times I have been told that I’m too much, too bold, too driven, too masculine, too curious and had too many questions (they said I was too nosy), too intimidating, too unhinged in my views, too honest and straight forward.

Effectively I’ve been asked to be LESS. Not ambitious, timid, weak, more feminine (because feminine in their representation is less, and since I came into this world equipped with some specific body parts they suggested I must be that...less), less alive, make people around me comfortable, less transparent.

And admittedly I practiced entire spectrum of choices to deal with be-less requests.

I rejected parts of me in order to be lovable. Those abandoned facets became my shadow - part of myself I hide from everyone, yet I notice it in others and judge them for having the very thing I am.

I rejected, shadowed and unblocked my shadow elements (some and a lot, but not all...yet). The process is not only a resurrection of authentic me but birth of compassionate me because now I can observe shadow in others and see blocked me in them.

I simply refused.

I got in troubles. Yes.

I alienated some acquaintances. Not necessarily.

Do I wish I’ve done more of rebellious refusal? Not anymore (ummm...on good days). Because on the opposite end of wishing for things to be different is a calm ocean of loving what is. And I’m in it. I am it.

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