• Vika

On how to stop wasting energy PRACTICE

Our basic nature is to act, not be acted upon. At any given time we have a choice of response to particular circumstances. Always. This empowers us to create circumstances.

Taking initiative IS NOT being pushy, obnoxious, or aggressive.

IT IS recognising our responsibility to make things happen.

This practice helps me see clearly where I waste my energy & time.

1. On a list of paper draw two circles as shown above. The large represents your concern, while the smaller is your current influence.

2. In the circle of concern write down challenges, ideas, circumstances & people that at present are of your concern - work & love life, family & health, pandemic & national economics.

3. In the smaller circle write down actions in your power regard items in circle of concern. Some items are in your control, you can do something about it. Effectively they migrate into your circle of influence. Others are out of your control, likely never will be. Examples are other people’s thoughts, emotions & actions.

It’s easy to see that circle of influence rarely, if ever, overlaps circle of concern. Yet we can increase our influence.

⭕️ When you choose proactively focus your efforts on circle of influence your energy is positive, enlarging and manifesting, causing your circle of influence to increase.

⭕️ When you choose reactive mode of focusing on the weaknesses of other people, misfortunes in the environment of which you have no control, your generated energy is negative, rooted in blame, accusing attitudes, growing feelings of victimisation. Combined with negligence in areas you can do something about, causes your circle of influence to shrink.

Working in our circle of concern empowers the things within it to control us. We aren’t taking proactive initiative needed to effect positive change.

P.S. In current health crisis we all have a great worry.

Can you stop pandemic? No. People will get sick and the virus will spread.

Can you help sick people? No, unless you’re a medical professional who’s directly involved with patients.

Can you prevent? Yes, by washing hands and staying home.

Prevention is in your influence, not the virus itself.

This is your power. Claim it.