• Vika

On moon cycle

In astrology, the sun represents the essence of who you are and the moon represents your emotional nature. As the sun travels through the zodiac over the course of a year, it illuminates different life areas - the zodiac signs. The sun highlights themes of your essential self-development. The moon moves through our sky much more rapidly, as tidal waves of our emotions.

In many Neopagan religious and spiritual traditions the moon represents the three archetypes of the feminine, each of which symbolises a separate stage in the female life and a creative feminine force.

Mechanical body fan by Rebecca Horn, 1973

🌑 When the moon begins her cycle as the new moon and develops through the waxing phase, she is the maiden with fresh new idea. She can teach us about being new, unsure, fragile, excited, enthusiastic, vibrant and changeable.

🌕 When the moon becomes full, she’s the nurturing mother. She brings ideas out into the world and can teach us about embracing life, nurturing, celebration, achievement and action.

🌘 When the moon wanes away, she’s the wise crone, teaching us about contemplation, surrender, allowing, letting go and liberation.

Now she understands what needs to be released to make room for the next cycle.

The two phases are divided into four quarters: new moon, first quarter, full moon and third quarter. Each has a different energy and is best fit unique activities, intentions, and rituals.

Deeper self-awareness means knowing who we are and who we are becoming. The moon's regular rhythms marks time for soulful self-reflection. Every 28 days, the moon moves through its own cycle. As it grows (wax) we develop. As it lessens (wanes) we release. Each orbit of the moon can bring us closer to clarity of the self.

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