HONEYMOON YOURSELF ultimate self-care pack

HONEYMOON YOURSELF ultimate self-care pack


Your ultimate self-care pack for wet night staying in! All boxed in our cheeky butt box. Opt out the cheekiness if it's not your style and you rather have a minimal butt, that we won't put any sassy writing on it. EasY!

You will get a bath soak in regular size - 2 amazing trips (baths that is) and a soap bar of your choice.

Tho every GW lover (the bath soak) has it's match made in haven (the soap bar) that we recommend because they deliciously compliment one another.



  • CHOLERIC soak (Black mustard, Myrrh & Frankincense gum and Cedarwood) + TIMBER bar (spicy wood)
  • SANGUINE soak (calendula petals, French yellow clay, Siberian fir and Clary Sage) + LEMON AID bar (citrus)
  • MELANCHOLIC soak (rose petals, French pink clay, ylang-ylang and geranium) + MUD N'ROSES bar (floral)
  • PHLEGMATIC soak (Tasmanian pepper berries, Lavender, hops and valerian) + DEVOTION bar (modern lavender)