Piece of FKN soap

Piece of FKN soap


Piece of FKN soap - standard assembly-line model to reconcile the extremes of clean-dirty spectrum.

You will get exactly what you've been promised, no more, no less…a piece of FKN soap. A huge piece of FKN soap (minimum 310 g).

No fragrances. No fancy patterns.

Yes, our awesome soap recipe. Yes, bold and effective.




    Let us reduce the intellectual content of GREEN so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people. In other words leaving rubbish behind is simply dumb (aim higher, recyclable or biodegradable waste is still waste). So lets not!

    Please take naked option as packaging option if possible.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified shea butter*, virgin coconut oil*, Australian virgin olive oil, rice bran oil, unrefined cocoa butter*, castor oil*, avocado oil, Tasmanian oats*, plant based colorant. 


    * Fair trade and organic ingredients.

    55% organic + fair trade ingredients.


    Minimum weight 310 g

  • We want you to know

      Whether we talking about cured cheeses, or fine wine, or whiskey, or hot sauce, the mark of quality is often referenced in the period of time that the product was allowed to develop its genius, and what kind of environment it was allowed to do so in.

      The point is, that there is chemistry taking place, and to ignore this reality out of negligence or ignorance would negate all the effort made to create something awesome!
      To create awesomeness in the soapmaking context takes 8 weeks for our soap to cure. It honours bar’s call to dry properly in order to become hard and long lasting.
      On the other hand it may effect some fleeting aromatic essences that we use. They don’t like to stick around for that long. So bar’s outer layer may lack their presence, but don’t worry they're still trapped inside awaiting for you to let them out. Like a Genie in a bottle you need to rub it the right way…hot, wet shower will do the trick.

      All good things have nuance, and we want you to embrace and understand that nuance of the material (intricate patterns of soap may vary), just as an artisan soapmaker appreciate nuance in the effort of providing you with an experience, not a bar of GREENWASH soap.