Mapatazi (map of Tassie) one might say is somewhat dated slang term for the female pubic region, bearing a likeness to a pictorial representation of the island state south of the Australian mainland. We argue it’s an euphemism worth of veneration.


The fragrance:

Featuring Tasmania sweet fennel and Kunzea essences.
Don’t be fooled by additional sweet in its name because fennel is provocative and invasive. The screeching top note of near-hysterical thrills of soprano diva. Love it or hate it, there’s no ‘yeah-I-like-it’ inbetweeness there (think liquorice and Sambuca). To tame rebellious fennel we had to love it tender with balsamic whisper of Frankincense, sweet serenade of Ylang-Ylang, velvety smoky embrace of Vétiver, oozing excess of Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot.

Only that kind of approach guided fennel to surrender to its not so straight forward visible gorgeous and sensual facets.
And than it’s kunzea. Essence of Tasmanian native plant that possesses a certain elegance and harmony to it that can't be denied.
In other words Mapatazi isn’t for wusses, that's why it was made for women.


The packaging:

a collaboration with Flyweel letterpress studio in New Norfolk, Tasmania.
Flyweel team meticulously hand printed each paper band on their antique press using luxurious, tactile cotton card stock.

And we drew the front design of each box using traditional calligraphy pen and ink.


    Let us reduce the intellectual content of GREEN so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people. In other words leaving rubbish behind is simply dumb (aim higher, recyclable or biodegradable waste is still waste). So lets not!

    Please take naked option as packaging option if possible.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified shea butter*, virgin coconut oil*, Australian virgin olive oil, rice bran oil, unrefined cocoa butter*, castor oil*, avocado oil, our blend of essential oils, Tasmanian oats*, charcoal powder.


    * Fair trade and/or  organic ingredients.

    55% organic + fair trade ingredients.


    Minimum weight 220 g