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Each box contains:

I. MELANCHOLIC rose & geranium bath salt; regular size (2 baths) 160 g

II. Signature Piece of FKN soap; 300g

III. Chamomile tea soothing botanical masque (NEW! to be released online soon); 8 applications 40 g

IV. THREESCENT lip balm; regular size 10 g


Please check full list of ingredients for each product individually.


Chamomile tea botanical masque


INGREDIENTS: Tasmanian oats*^, Australian kaolin clay,  chamomile  flowers*^, chrysanthemum flowers^, calendula flowers*^,  brewer’s yeast^ (vitamin B complex), Irish moss*^, aloe ferox^, Senegal and xanthan gum^, maltodextrin^,  allantoin  (from  root  of  comfrey  plant).


* certified organic TOTAL 53 % 

^ food grade TOTAL 67%