It is such a great thing to encourage someone to take a bath.

Any time, but certainly in the non-stop modern age.

By the time of bathing I was dirty from hauling loads of manure for the garden. My back was sore.
First impressions... The packaging was really simple and beautiful.

I am a minimalist and green-minded, so was happy with that.

I could pick up all the aromas as the heat rose as I stood over the bath. The swirl of colour was incredible and then it was murky but inviting. Stepping in, I could feel the heat of the mustard (this was not overwhelming though), soon the smell of something like citrus peel and the warm body smear of the oils. I just let myself go from there and felt the meat fall off my bones, slowly.
I could still feel the calm, 5 hours later after the soak. I felt good blood circulation on what is a crisp winter's day, so this suits my thin constitution at this time of year.
I got a sense of a great care that you took to creating this,

the whole idea and that is truly inspiring.
Thanks again, X.

Xavier, Hobart


‘Holy Soapballs!!!
I was gifted a bar of Devotion last week. Yup, cool, soap, nice, whatevs. I couldn’t be more wrong. This silky slip of aromatic bliss is a life changer. I swear just by smelling it’s glory I am actively fighting at least six of the seven signs of ageing. I am a better parent, I am more limber, I’m smarter, my brows are behaving more like sisters than inbred cousins.
Have I bathed with it? Oh hells bells no! I simply cannot bring myself to get my precious little love nugget wet. So it has pride of place in my budoir emanating scents so soothing and exquisite...I sometimes sneak in just to take a giant heavenly whiff.
Do I have a problem? Probably. Will there be an intervention from concerned family and friends when I demand my new BAE has its own seat at Christmas Dinner? Perhaps.
Do I give a single tinsel wrapped flying fuck? No. Because my life is now complete and if I could only take one item with me to a desert island it would not be my delightful 4yo daughter, nor my helpless wee newborn. Because let’s be honest, they smell like absolute poop in comparison to my new lover Devotion.
Warmest regards and other appropriate words.

P.S. I will just sit here patiently and wait for you to pump out a line of Devotion body wash, candles, little dangly car fresheners in the shape of flamingoes, sachets that your grandma put in her knickers drawer and personal lubricant. No rush.


Meghan, Hobart


Ohhhhhh my god I'm in the bath with Melancholic the last hour and it's so divine I never want to get out! I love the silky murky ylang-ylang rose.....

I feel like a Cleopatra goddess!💕💖💕💖💕💖💞💖💕💖💞💖💕

Chris of Tranquillity Float Centre, Hobart


‘I nearly hate this bath. Even more now that I’m addicted to it. It almost feels like too much effort to get through 20-30 minutes of the crazy intensity. The heat and the mustard, makes me sweat uncontrollably, OMG, my heart beats 180, I could hear its trembling echo in my ears.
When I’m in I can’t think about anything else. I’m totally unable to chase my to-do list or debate with my colleagues in my head. I only can focus on my breath. In and out, trying to ‘survive’. It’s like some sort of forced meditation. After-glow is what I’m after.
Every cell of my body just vibrates and pulses. I feel so at ease and my limbs are so relaxed and plastic. My entire body feels absolutely thrilled! I feel ecstatically relieved to make it trough initial extremity. After I fall asleep just like that.

I am so keep doing it even if it’s a full on one!’

Eiram, Hobart

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