Safflower oil

The biggest deal about safflower oil is that it packed full with linoleic fatty acid (up to whopping 70%).

Linoleic acid is a "must have" for our skin and body to function. This is why.

Essential: It is considered an essential fatty acid, one we can't construct ourselves in our body, so we have to get it from the outside world. It is crucial to normal barrier function in skin, and a deficiency can lead to dry skin and hair, hair loss, and poor wound healing.

Protective: It is a major component in ceramides - about 14% - which make up about 50% of our stratum corneumor outer layer of skin. They are found in our skin at about 50% by mass. Ceramides are vital for the normal organization of our tissues into structures that are responsible for keeping the barrier function of the skin functioning well, like preventing transepidermal water loss and keeping other things out.

Restoring & Anti-inflammatory: Studies have shown linoleic acid can restore the barrier function and reduce scaling on your skin. One study showed using linoleic acid on people with acne reduced the pustule size by 25% in one month. It can act as an anti-inflammatory, acne reducer, and moisture retainer.