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Shea butter

Antibacterial properties: Shea butter contains at least 8 various catechin compounds, which offer anti-bacterial properties.

Anti-inflammatory: The phytosterols in shea butter contain cinnamic acid esters which can reduce superficial irritation and redness of the skin. Oleic acid also doubles shea's anti-inflammatory properties.

Antioxidant: Shea butter contains a ton of Vitamin E in the form of tocopherol and tocotrienols. These antioxidants work to fight free radicals that are responsible for ageing, tissue damage and disease.

Moisturising: It’s rich in stearic acid, which translates to improved moisture retention and flexibility of the skin. Paired with high content of oleic acid (40 to 55%) - a lovely fatty acid with moisturising and softening properties.

Protective & Regenerating: Shea butter contains allantoin, a barrier ingredient which set up layer on skin and significantly reduce the amount of water lost from its surface. One of the main roles of allantoin is to temporarily prevent and protect chafed, chapped, cracked, or windburned skin by speeding up the natural processes of the skin and helping with cellular renewal. So it is the perfect ingredient for treating minor skin injuries and inflammation. 

shea butter, greenwash
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