We believe

We believe that there are inexhaustible amount of concoctions to put on one’s body and not enough passionate creations

We believe it is more humane to test cosmetics on Australians than on animals

We believe that objects you touch every day must be insanely pleasurable and beautifully made

We believe that the devil is in the details…and in the intention

We believe that the only luxury that is left is a craftsmanship

We believe in a dirty handjob...hand-cut soap bars, hand-poured balms, hand-formulated fragrances

We believe that green is the new black

We believe that pedestrian business models influenced by consumerism culture and ethics lack intellectual content (read they are simply dumb)

We believe that if you do luxury (yes, a fancy bar of soap counts) you have to treat people in a human way and you have to be elegant; you can’t ask poor people in bad conditions to make beautiful things

We believe in the sincere hearts of those who work closely with us

We believe we can effortlessly help those fellows of our tribe who are in need

We believe in 'lets play' and that you should never take yourself too seriously